Archana Dhankar-borderI am Archana Dhankar – Digital Marketing Specialist, social media enthusiast and serious fashion fiend.

If you want to see me smile, give me a new digital platform to play around with, and watch me grin from ear to ear.
Nothing fuels my interest like an opportunity to help a business scale up the learning curve on the wings of digital tools. I live for the challenge.

As a passionate marketer with an affinity towards all things digital, I strive to help businesses unearth their true potential, actualize their goals and connect with the world around them. To do so, I help them make the most of all of their digital platforms, whether it is email marketing, social media, search marketing, website optimization or all of them.

How? My magic potion is a blend of creativity, strategic thinking and social metrics to create agile solutions that deliver on interaction, impact and innovation. To my mind, anything that is worth doing is worth doing the right way.

Why? It is pretty simple, really. I adamantly believe that when digital is done right, it can result in exponential gains for both B2B and B2C enterprises.

In over a decade of experience that spans digital marketing, interactive strategy and e-commerce, I have worked with brands across the spectrum, to realise significant revenue gains and heighten their brand awareness. It is an exciting world out there!


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